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Listings for BBC2 on 26th October 2014

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06:00 This Is BBC Two   Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]
06:30 Rugby League: Four Nations:  England v Samoa   Mark Chapman presents live coverage from the opening round of matches in the Four Nations as England take on Samoa at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. Also in HD. [S]
09:00 The Trials of Life   12/12. Continuing the Line: David Attenborough examines the lengths creatures will go to in order to make babies - to continue the line by passing on genes is the ultimate triumph. Also in HD. [S]
09:50 The Private Life of Plants   1/6. Travelling: David Attenborough begins his incredible journey into the world of plants with a look at how plants move from place to place. [S]
10:40 The Private Life of Plants   2/6. Growing: David Attenborough continues his incredible journey into the world of plants. Remarkable time-lapse photography reveals how new leaves fight for a place in the sun. [S]
11:30 Map Man   6/8. William Mudge's Ordnance Survey: Nicholas Crane travels across eight British historical maps. He reproduces the triangulation methods of Mudge's original Ordnance Survey map. [AD,S]
12:00 The Little Paris Kitchen:...   ...Cooking with Rachel Khoo. 3/6. Rachel Khoo puts her twist on the classic French cassoulet, makes steak tartare and bakes a pistachio and goat's cheese cake. Also in HD. [AD,S]
12:30 That's Entertainment   A compilation of great moments from nearly a hundred MGM musicals. Numbers include Eleanor Powell in her classic challenge dance with Fred Astaire. Also in HD. [1974] [S]
14:35 Silk Stockings   A Cole Porter-scored musical remake of Ninotchka in which a beautiful Soviet girl (Cyd Charisse) is sent to the West on a mission, and soon falls under the spell of decadent Paris. [1957] [S]
16:30 Flog It!:  Herne Bay   Paul Martin and the teams are on the Kent coast at Herne Bay with antiques experts Kate Bateman and Mark Stacey. A tiny glass vase turns out to be a big seller. Also in HD. [S]
17:30 £100k House: Tricks of the Trade   6/6. Kieran Long and Piers Taylor take on ambitious projects. A couple want to transform their chaotic warehouse apartment into a tranquil family home. Also in HD. [S]
18:30 Gardeners' World   Gardening magazine. Monty Don cracks on with his seasonal tasks at Longmeadow. Carol Klein visits first-time gardeners Dan and Dominique as they prepare for winter. Also in HD. [S]
19:00 Restoring England's Heritage   Louise Minchin investigates the heritage at risk in the North West, and asks if it is too late to save some of its finest historic buildings from ruin. [S]
19:30 Swallowed by the Sea: Ancient...   ...Egypt's Greatest Lost City. Documentary. A team of maritime archaeologists uncover the remarkable city of Heracleion, consumed by the sea and forgotten for over 2,000 years. Also in HD. [AD,S]
20:30 Dad's Army   13/13. Time on My Hands: Classic wartime sitcom. An enemy pilot bails out and becomes tangled up with the town clock - and so do the members of Mainwaring's platoon when they attempt a rescue. [AD,S]
21:00 QI XL   4/18. Levity: Quiz show in which the aim is to be interesting. Stephen Fry looks at levity, levitation and lights with Josh Widdicombe, Sue Perkins, Frank Skinner and Alan Davies. Also in HD. [S]
21:45 Dylan Thomas: A Poet in New York   Drama charting Dylan Thomas's last days in New York in 1953, where triumph turned into an elegy. Contains very strong language and some sexual content. Also in HD. [AD,S]
23:00 The Accidental Husband   Romantic comedy starring Uma Thurman. When a radio agony aunt advises one of her female listeners to break off her engagement, the jilted fiance decides to get his revenge on her. [2008] [S]
00:25 TOTP 2   The TOTP2 jukebox is loaded up once again with all the classics. Mark Radcliffe presents archive music from BJ Thomas, Billy Ocean, Prefab Sprout, Five Star and Ralph McTell. [S]
01:25 Kicks   A fixation over a footballer unites Nicole and Jasmine - but when fate delivers him into their hands, they are faced with a sordid reality. Contains strong language. Also in HD. [2008] [S]
01:45 This Is BBC Two   Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. Also in HD. [S]

Listings for BBC2 on 26th October 2014

Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Today : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday : Sunday

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