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Listings for BBC2 on 1st September 2014

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03:40 This Is BBC Two   Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]
06:05 Homes Under the Hammer   Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander visit a garage plot in Derby, a property in Kent and a semi in Leigh, Lancashire. They learn how much each home sold for at auction. [S]
07:05 Animal Saints and Sinners:  A Pony Saved Me from Myself and Drugs Raid   Animal documentary series. In east London a couple of Staffordshire bull terriers are thought to be causing a nuisance. Also in HD. [AD,S]
07:50 Animal Park   16/20. Ben Fogle and Kate Humble celebrate Longleat Safari Park's 40th birthday in an anniversary programme, with Lord Bath sharing his memories as he serves supper to the lions. [S]
08:20 Operation Hospital Food with...   ...James Martin. 5/5. James unveils his big idea in front of a packed room full of NHS chefs and bosses. [AD,S,SL]
09:05 The Stuarts   2/3. A King Without A Crown: Documentary series. Clare Jackson examines the effects of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms and how they shaped British political culture. [AD,S,SL]
10:05 Animal SOS   6/10. Documentary series following the work of the RSPCA. In this episode, over two hundred ducks need rescuing from a life-threatening oil spill. [AD,S,SL]
10:35 Click   A comprehensive guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news. Also in HD. [S]
11:00 BBC News   The latest national and international news, plus top interviews and analysis. Also in HD. [S]
11:30 BBC World News   The latest international news from the BBC. Also in HD. [S]
12:00 Daily Politics   Jo Coburn with the latest political news, interviews and debate. [S]
13:00 Triathlon Grand Final: Men's...   ...Highlights. Coverage of the men's race at the World Triathlon Series grand final. Also in HD. [S]
14:30 The Chef's Protege   11/20. Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr begins his search for a protege, travelling to the College of Food at University College Birmingham. Also in HD. [S]
15:00 Celebrity MasterChef   Cookery contest. The three surviving celebrities are sent to Ora, a fashionable London restaurant specialising in Thai cuisine, for the daunting Pressure Test. Also in HD. [S]
15:45 Nature's Weirdest Events   1/2. Chris Packham examines some of the weirdest natural events on the planet, including a car cocooned by caterpillars in Holland and a case of exploding toads in Germany. Also in HD. [AD,S]
16:45 Great British Railway Journeys   6/25. Ledbury to Shrewsbury: Michael Portillo visits the world's first iron-framed building in Shrewsbury. Also in HD. [AD,S]
17:15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is   Antiques challenge. Charlie Ross and Catherine Southon go head-to-head at a car boot sale in Ardleigh, Essex. Also in HD. [S]
18:00 Two Tribes   11/30. Richard Osman presents the fast-paced quiz show where what contestants have in common is just as important as their general knowledge. Also in HD. [S]
18:30 Eggheads   Dermot Murnaghan hosts the show where every day a new team of challengers take on what is probably the greatest quiz team in Britain, made up of some of the country's top quizzers. Also in HD. [S]
19:00 University Challenge: Class of...   ...2014. 2/2. The student quiz teams discover whether they have earned a place on the series. Also in HD. [S]
20:00 University Challenge   Two universities on either side of the Pennines, Liverpool and Sheffield, fight it out for a place in the second round of the student quiz. Jeremy Paxman asks the questions. Also in HD. [S]
20:30 Only Connect   1/27. Politicos v Felinophiles: Victoria Coren Mitchell presents the quiz show about making connections. A trio of political enthusiasts compete against three cat lovers. Also in HD. [S]
21:00 Alex Polizzi - The Fixer   1/6. Hunter's Brewery: Alex Polizzi returns with a new series and finds fixes for the critical issues that kill so many companies. In this episode, the issue is exporting. Also in HD. [AD,S]
22:00 Him & Her: The Wedding   2/5. Comedy series about the lives of a 20-something couple. Half an hour before the wedding, while Laura parties in the limo, Paul faces a big decision. Contains strong language. Also in HD. [AD,S]
22:30 Newsnight   In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines, presented by Emily Maitlis. Also in HD. [S] Followed by weather.
23:20 The Two Amigos: A Gaucho Adventure   1/2. John Thomson and Simon Day are trained in the ways of the gaucho, Argentina's cowboy. Also in HD. [AD,S]
00:20 Dragons' Den   1/12. Budding entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to multimillionaires. A former male stripper breaks down under pressure and two British expats launch their Australian tanning range. Also in HD. [S]
01:20 Great War Diaries   3/3. Including the story of a German soldier caught up in a mutiny. Contains some upsetting scenes. [AD,S,SL]
02:20 This Is BBC Two   Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]

Listings for BBC2 on 1st September 2014

Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Today : Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday

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