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Listings for BBC2 on 26th April 2015

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05:30 This Is BBC Two   Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]
06:10 The Crimson Wing   Documentary looking at the life cycle of the crimson-winged flamingos that arrive in great numbers on Lake Natron in northern Tanzania every year. [S]
07:20 Sword of Sherwood Forest   The story of Robin Hood (Richard Greene) doing battle with the wicked sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Cushing) and trying to thwart a plot to kill the archbishop of Canterbury. Also in HD. [1960] [S]
08:40 Fred Dibnah's Magnificent...   ...Monuments. 6/6. Pleasure Palaces: Looking at structures that have been built for arts, leisure and entertainment purposes. [S]
09:10 The Nature of Britain   7/8. Wilderness Britain: Join Alan Titchmarsh as he explores Wilderness Britain, realm of the magnificent golden eagle, a plant that fools insects and Britain's toughest bird. [AD,S]
10:00 World Championship Snooker   Jason Mohammad introduces live second-round action as players vie for places in the quarter-finals. Also in HD. [S]
12:00 Richard Harris: Talking Pictures   8/10. A retrospective look at television appearances made over the years by Richard Harris, with interviews from the archive and classic clips. Narrated by Sylvia Syms. [S]
12:35 The Long and the Short and the...   ...Tall. Psychological drama about a British patrol in the Burmese jungle who fall out among themselves when they capture a Japanese soldier. [B&W, 1961] [AD,S]
14:15 Flog It!:  Cheshire   Antiques series. Paul Martin is joined by experts Mark Stacey, Anita Manning and David Fletcher at the magnificent Italian gardens at historic Tatton Park in Cheshire. [S]
15:00 Final Score   Mark Chapman presents all the day's football results, including Liverpool's trip to West Brom, Burnley at home to Leicester and QPR versus West Ham. Also in HD. [S]
16:30 World Championship Snooker   Hazel Irvine introduces continued coverage of second-round action. Another quarter-final place will be filled as the tournament heads towards the halfway mark. Also in HD. [S]
17:30 World War One Remembered:...   ...Gallipoli - Highlights. Her Majesty the Queen leads tributes in a service to commemorate the Battle of Gallipoli. Also in HD. [S]
18:30 Gardeners' World   Gardening magazine. Everything in the garden is shooting up, so it's time to lift and divide perennials, and Monty is doing just that with his ornamental grasses. Also in HD. [S]
19:00 World Championship Snooker   Another quarter-final spot will be filled on day eight of the World Championship. Jason Mohammad introduces live coverage from the Crucible Theatre. Also in HD. [S]
20:00 Dad's Army   5/6. Number Engaged: Classic wartime sitcom. Mainwaring's motley crew is put in charge of a vital telephone line. They awake to find a bomb enmeshed in the wires. [S]
20:30 Gallipoli: When Murdoch Went to...   ...War. The story of the British-led Gallipoli military campaign from Keith Murdoch's perspective. Also in HD. [AD,S]
21:30 QI XL   1/16. Knees and Knockers: Stephen Fry and guests look at knees, knockers and other things starting with 'K'. Contains some strong language. Also in HD. [S]
22:15 Up in the Air   Comedy drama about a man (George Clooney) who makes a living firing people. When he meets a pretty businesswoman, his philosophy on life falters. Contains strong language. Also in HD. [2009] [AD,S]
00:00 World Championship Snooker...   ...Highlights. Jason Mohammad introduces highlights from a day when three quarter-final places will have been decided. Also in HD. [S]
00:50 World Championship Snooker - Extra   Jason Mohammad introduces highlights from the day's second-round best-of-25 frame matches. Also in HD. [S]
02:50 Antiques Roadshow:  Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral   The Antiques Roadshow returns to Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, where treasures include a miniature piano with a secret and a sketch by LS Lowry. [S,SL]
03:50 The Truth About Fat   Science documentary. Dr Saleyha Ahsan cuts through the confusion and reveals the surprising science of fat. [AD,S,SL]
04:50 This Is BBC Two   Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. Also in HD. [S]

Listings for BBC2 on 26th April 2015

Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Today : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday

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