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Listings for BBC2 on 28th February 2015

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06:00 This Is BBC Two   Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]
06:15 School for Scoundrels   British comedy about a born loser who enrols at the College of Lifemanship and turns his life around by learning how to charm and cheat his way to the top with little effort. [B&W, 1960] [S]
07:50 Whisky Galore!   Classic Ealing comedy about the mayhem that ensues when a Scotch-laden ship runs aground off the coast of the Outer Hebrides during the Second World War. Also in HD. [B&W, 1949] [S]
09:10 Six Nations Rewind   John Inverdale takes a look back at some of the most memorable fixtures from the Six Nations archive, including an England v Ireland game from 1988 that changed the record books. Also in HD. [S]
10:10 The Fred Dibnah Story   2/6. A Sort of Fame: Biography of the celebrated Lancashire steeplejack. Fred, now a minor celebrity, buys another rusted steam tractor and takes his family on holiday to Blackpool. [S]
10:40 The Fred Dibnah Story   3/6. Departures: Series recutting the films made by Fred Dibnah into a biography. Fred buys his house, the family go to a steam rally and Alison takes the girls to Greece on holiday. [S]
11:10 The Nature of Britain   1/8. Island: Alan Titchmarsh travels the British Isles to look at what makes our wildlife so special, from boxing hares to blonde hedgehogs and fighting seals to leaping dolphins. [AD,S]
12:00 A Taste of Britain:  Essex   Food programme exploring specialities from around Britain. In Essex, Janet Street-Porter and Brian Turner visit the Cudmore Grove coastal path before heading to Mersea. Also in HD. [S]
12:30 Albert Finney: Talking Pictures   4/10. A retrospective look at television appearances made over the years by award-winning actor Albert Finney, with archive interviews and classic clips. Narrated by Sylvia Syms. [S]
13:00 The Victors   World War II drama starring George Hamilton, following a platoon of Allied soldiers as they progress from Sicily to the Normandy landing and the advance into Germany. Also in HD. [B&W, 1963] [AD,S]
15:30 Africa's Fishing Leopards:...   ...Natural World. 1/10. David Attenborough narrates the story of a leopard mother and her two cubs as they try to survive in the wilds of Botswana alongside lions and wild dogs. Also in HD. [AD,S]
16:30 Final Score   Jason Mohammad presents the results from the day's football fixtures, Manchester United's clash with Sunderland, Aston Villa v Newcastle and West Brom v Southampton. Also in HD. [S]
17:30 The Wonder of Animals   4/12. Ants: Chris Packham explores how ants have collaborated to achieve their global success. Also in HD. [AD,S]
18:00 The Great British Sewing Bee   4/6. Amateur sewers test their sewing and dressmaking skills. The remaining sewers take on a set of tasks designed to test their ability to add shape and structure to clothing. Also in HD. [AD,S]
19:00 Flog It!:  Derby   Up for valuation by experts Philip Serrell and Michael Baggott in Derby are a German painting, a pair of Disney figurines and an 18ct diamond ring that is not all it seems. [S]
19:45 How We Got to Now with Steven...   ...Johnson. 3/5. Cold: Steven Johnson traces the unsung heroes behind the modern skill of making cold. Also in HD. [S]
20:45 Dad's Army   3/8. Is There Honey Still for Tea?: Classic wartime sitcom. Private Godfrey's humble abode, Cherry Tree Cottage, is threatened with demolition to make way for a new aerodrome. [S]
21:15 Reginald D Hunter's Songs of...   ...the South. 2/3. Alabama and Georgia: Reginald D Hunter explores the sounds of Alabama and Georgia. [AD,S]
22:15 James Brown - Mr. Dynamite   Documentary tracing James Brown's career, pioneering the journey from R&B to funk, as he escaped his impoverished southern roots to become the biggest name in soul music. [S]
23:55 Brooklyn's Finest   Three unconnected Brooklyn cops wind up at the same deadly location. Contains very strong language, sexual content and some violence. Also in HD. [2009] [AD,S]
02:00 Beauty and the Briefcase   Romantic comedy. A journalist goes undercover at a finance company for a piece about finding her dream man. Contains adult humour. Also in HD. [2010] [S]
03:20 This Is BBC Two   Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]
06:00 This Is BBC Two   Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]

Listings for BBC2 on 28th February 2015

Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Today : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday

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