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Listings for Channel 4 on 29th August 2015

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05:45 How I Met Your Mother:  Oh, Honey   Zoey sets Ted up on a date with her naive cousin. Ted realises that he loves Zoey but tries to push her away so that he doesn't cause trouble in her relationship.
06:10 How I Met Your Mother:  Desperation Day   Barney declares February 13th to be Desperation Day: a holiday for women with low self-esteem because they are destined to be alone on Valentine's Day.
06:35 Everybody Loves Raymond:  Pat's Secret   Robert is shocked when he discovers Pat smoking, but not enough to refuse a drag on her cigarette. He then proves he can't be trusted with secrets...
07:00 2XU Long Course Weekend Triathlon   The stunning Pembrokeshire coast is the setting for this triathlon, which is made up of three events over three days - the Wales Swim, the Wales Sportive and the Wales Marathon.
08:00 The Morning Line   Alice Plunkett, Jim McGrath and The Racing Post's Paul Kealy are on the Sussex Downs with all the previews and betting news ahead of the racing from Goodwood, Newmarket and Beverley.
09:00 Frasier:  Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name   The Fox and Whistle is Frasier's new local, which is no fun for Daphne, who uses the pub as an escape from life's stresses.
09:30 Frasier:  Ain't Nobody's Business if I Do   When Daphne finds an engagement ring in Martin's underwear drawer, Niles hires a detective to investigate Sherry's past.
10:00 The Big Bang Theory:  The Cooper Extraction   Sheldon has to go back to Texas when his sister goes into labour, and while he is away the gang gather at the flat to decorate the Christmas tree. (S7 Ep11/24)
10:30 The Big Bang Theory:  The Hesitation Ramification   Penny's big TV acting break hits the cutting room floor so Leonard does his best to comfort her, which leads her to ask him a bold question. (S7 Ep12/24)
11:00 The Big Bang Theory:  The Occupation Recalibration   Penny quits her job at the restaurant to pursue her acting career full time. Bernadette accidentally destroys one of Howard's comics. (S7 Ep13/24)
11:30 The Simpsons:  Old Yeller Belly   Santa's Little Helper becomes Duff Beer's new mascot after he is banished from the Simpson home for failing to save Homer during a domestic emergency.
12:00 The Simpsons:  Brake My Wife, Please   After Homer is banned from driving, Marge gets stressed ferrying everyone around, although Homer enjoys walking everywhere - until Marge crashes into him.
12:30 The Simpsons:  The Bart of War   Bart and Milhouse are caught getting up to no good in Ned Flanders' house and are enrolled in separate clubs to keep them off the streets.
13:00 Rude(ish) Tube   This edition of Rude Tube's naughty little sister includes the incredible Big Egg, a shark attack in Amsterdam, plus dinner with Epic Mealtime. (S2 Ep14/20)
13:30 Channel 4 Racing   From Goodwood, Beverley and Newmarket. Highlights include the 100,000 Doom Bar Celebration Mile and the Totescoop6 Beverly Bullet Spring. Nick Luck presents.
16:10 Come Dine with Me   Milton Keynes. The first to host is hypnotherapist Howard. He hopes his fancy menu will be a hit. But Howard's 'Pendulum of Truth' is not everybody's idea of fun. (Ep1/5)
16:40 Come Dine with Me   Milton Keynes. Outspoken Louise hosts. But her guests are unimpressed by her menu of 'fabulous bruschetta' and 'Lou's magical mousse', and they are happy to share their criticism. (Ep2/5)
17:10 Come Dine with Me   Milton Keynes. It's management consultant David's turn to host. He opts to entertain his guests with some Vegas showgirls. But has he put enough thought into his food? (Ep3/5)
17:40 Come Dine with Me   Milton Keynes. Host Helen hopes a night of 'East meets West' will infuse her guests with some culinary excitement after a few nights of mediocre fare. (Ep4/5)
18:10 Come Dine with Me   Milton Keynes. On the final day, salesman Simon thinks his fine dining will impress his critical guests. But will he be derailed by some of the cheap jabs that are in store for him? (Ep5/5)
18:35 Channel 4 News   Includes sport and weather.
19:00 Great Canal Journeys   Prunella Scales and Timothy West travel along the Llangollen Canal in north Wales, one of the world's most picturesque canal journeys.
20:00 Walking Through History   Tony Robinson takes a tough four-day trek through the Kintail region of the west Scottish Highlands to discover the story of the Jacobite uprisings of the early 1700s.
21:00 Side Effects (2013)   Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta-Jones star in Steven Soderbergh's dark psychological thriller. Contains strong language, violence and sexual scenes.
23:10 Unknown (2011)   Action mystery. After a car crash, Liam Neeson's identity is stolen and sinister forces try to stop him discovering what is going on. With January Jones and Diane Kruger. Violence.
01:20 Stranger by the Lake (2013)   Award-winning thriller about a man (Pierre Deladonchamps) whose sexual hedonism at a lakeside hang-out for gay men imperils his life. In French/subs. Adults only: graphic sex scenes.
03:10 Hollyoaks Omnibus   Dylan's blood runs cold when he realises he's made a big mistake, and he's gutted to be left betrayed on his big day. Tegan wants to cut all ties, but will she follow her head or her heart? [SL]
05:25 1001 Things You Should Know   Sandi Toksvig hosts a brand new quiz show. Players are asked questions we should all know the answers to - with the questions posed by experts. Today Kevin McCloud and Cathy Newman join in.
05:50 How I Met Your Mother:  Garbage Island   After Marshall sees a documentary about an island in the Pacific that is used as a landfill site, he becomes determined to save the environment.

Listings for Channel 4 on 29th August 2015

Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Today : Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday

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