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Listings for Channel 4 on 22nd November 2014

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05:50 NFL: Rush Zone   Animated series that centres on a young football fan called Ish, who must protect shards of a power source called The Core, hidden in various NFL stadiums.
06:15 Trans World Sport   Profiling tennis player Kyle Edmund, looking at the Ecuadorian racquet sport of pelota nacional, recapping Mike Tyson's career, and charting the rise of Spurs footballer Erik Lamela.
07:10 Mobil 1 The Grid   The Grid visits the USA for the climax of the Nascar Sprint Cup, heads to Thailand for an appointment with B Quik Racing and takes a look round Donny Schatz's World of Outlaws car.
07:35 Anglesey Sandman Triathlon   One of the toughest triathlons on the UK calendar, this multi-terrain event takes place on the Isle of Anglesey in north Wales, where over 1000 athletes tackle a sea swim and sand dune run.
08:00 The Morning Line   Rishi Persad and guests are at Haydock Park with all the news, features, betting and tips ahead of a big day of jump racing, featuring the 200,000 Betfair Chase (3.00pm).
09:00 Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose   Steve Jones and Lisa Snowdon's guests include Masterchef winner Tim Anderson who cooks up a Thanksgiving Dinner, and Alfie Bow pops in to talk about romance, Italy and his new album.
10:00 Everybody Loves Raymond:  You Bet   Is Ray right to be sceptical when Frank uncharacteristically shows interest in his work?
10:35 Frasier:  A Lilith Thanksgiving   Frasier and Lilith are reunited when they try to convince the headmaster of a popular private school that their son is the perfect candidate.
11:05 The Big Bang Theory:  The Mommy Observation   Sheldon pays a surprise visit to his mother in Houston and is forced to confront a new reality. Raj throws a murder mystery-themed dinner party.
11:35 The Big Bang Theory:  The Indecision Amalgamation   Raj faces a dating dilemma, Penny can't decide whether to accept a role in a terrible film, and Sheldon chooses between two gaming systems.
12:00 The Simpsons:  Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly Doodly   Homer and Marge are sent to Bad Parent School when Bart catches head lice and Lisa loses her shoes...
12:30 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:  A Hen in the Wolf House   Coulson and his agents face the beautiful and deadly Bobbi Morse, Hydra's Security Chief. Skye's father forces Raina to reunite him with his daughter at any cost.
13:30 Channel 4 Racing   From Haydock Park and Ascot. Presenters: Clare Balding and Nick Luck, reporters: Rishi Persad and Emma Spencer, commentary and analysis: Simon Holt, Graham Cunningham and Mick Fitzgerald.
16:00 Come Dine with Me   The competition heads to Darlington, where first to host is perfectionist Clair Sherwood-Parkin, who cooks up a Moroccan-inspired feast.
16:25 Come Dine with Me   In Darlington, veterinary surgeon James Emson is serving up a mountain of curry. He's also spicing-up the evening with some of the most eye-opening entertainment ever seen.
17:00 Come Dine with Me   Next to host in Darlington is bachelor Barry I'Anson, who pulls out all the stops with a love-inspired dinner party. But how will his 'Splashes of Love' dessert go down?
17:25 Come Dine with Me   Glamorous go-getter Charlotte Langley lays on a 'Night with the Stars'. But can she hold it all together to take the award for the best dinner party and the 1000 prize?
18:00 Come Dine with Me   The final night in Darlington sees Eseyoma - the self-proclaimed 'Queen of Sheba' - host a right royal knees-up, featuring a Nigerian menu, with an extra helping of glamour on the side.
18:30 Channel 4 News   Includes sport and weather.
19:00 Speed with Guy Martin   In the last episode of the new series, Guy Martin attempts to build and race the world's fastest soapbox racer, creating a unique design, with help from expert designers and bobsled racers.
20:00 Walking Through History:  King John's Ruin   Peak District: In Sherwood Forest and the Peak District, Tony Robinson explores the story of King John, the hapless monarch who stumbled from one crisis to another.
21:00 It Was Alright in the 1970s   Episode two focuses on old fashioned British-ness on TV in the 70s. From blacking-up pre-watershed, through to rampant homophobia and xenophobia, was the 70s the decade that taste forgot?
22:00 Lawless (2012)   Period drama. Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke play brothers bootlegging Prohibition alcohol. Guy Pearce is the cop after a cut of their cash. Gory violence/strong language.
00:20 JFK (1991)   Drama. Oliver Stone's look at the conspiracy theory surrounding the shooting of President Kennedy stars Kevin Costner, Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones. Violence/ strong language.
03:40 Hollyoaks Omnibus   Sienna takes her hostage to an abandoned building, Trevor hunts for his lost stash, Freddie and Lindsey are caught in a compromising position, and Blessing comes up with a plan. [SL]
05:55 SuperScrimpers   Bite-size portions from the series that shows how to scrimp and save in these straitened times. Mrs Moneypenny leads the way with enough money-saving tips to help everyone live for less.

Listings for Channel 4 on 22nd November 2014

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