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Listings for Channel 4 on 14th February 2016

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05:50 How I Met Your Mother:  Old King Clancy   Marshall and Barney learn that Ted's company is about to lose some work and hide this from him. Later, the gang are enthralled by Robin's love life.
06:15 How I Met Your Mother:  Murtaugh   Barney is banned from playing Laser Quest when Ted tells him that he's too old to take part in the game, so Barney retaliates by behaving childishly.
06:40 The King of Queens:  Nocturnal Omission   Doug can't decide whether to tell Deacon his estranged wife wants to get back with him. Then Deacon reveals he's spending the weekend with a beautiful air stewardess.
07:05 The King of Queens:  Affidavit Justice   Doug pretends to be a lawyer so he can play in Carrie's work softball team, and gets headhunted by a rival law firm.
07:30 Everybody Loves Raymond:  Crazy Chin   Amy's parents put Robert on the defensive when they point out his strange habit of touching food to his chin before he eats it.
07:55 Everybody Loves Raymond:  The Nice Talk   When the MacDougals are invited to spend Easter with the Barones, the families attempt to bond over a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle.
08:25 Frasier:  The Love You Fake   Frasier and his neighbour Cam attempt to put an end to their feud because of their parents' supposed love affair.
09:00 Frasier:  Cheerful Goodbyes   Frasier meets up with some of the old Cheers gang in Boston for Cliff's retirement party.
09:30 Sunday Brunch   Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer present the food and chat show. Guests include Mark Wright, Fleur East, Ben Miller and music from Ronan Keating.
12:30 George Clarke's Amazing Spaces   George meets a couple transforming their garden air raid shelters. There's also 12-year-old Guinnie, who hopes to create the ultimate party shed. And some luxury beach houses. (S5 Ep6/8)
13:30 Location, Location, Location   Kirstie Allsopp meets Graeme and Anna, who have relocated from Oxfordshire to Yorkshire, while Phil Spencer helps local couple Sammi and Tom find their perfect property just north of Leeds.
14:35 The Harry Hill Movie (2013)   Surreal comedy with Harry Hill, Julie Walters, Matt Lucas and Simon Bird. When Harry's hamster (voiced by Johnny Vegas) falls ill, he and Nan take it on an incident-packed trip.
16:20 The Simpsons:  Bart Star   Homer takes over from Ned as the manager of Bart's American football team after forcing him to quit. Guest starring Mike Judge as Hank Hill.
16:50 The Simpsons:  The Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons   Marge agrees to pretend to be Apu's wife when his mother visits to set up his arranged marriage, and Homer moves into the Retirement Castle.
17:20 Channel 4 News   Includes weather.
17:40 Mr Popper's Penguins (2011)   Family comedy. Jim Carrey stars as a completely work-focused New York property developer whose life is turned upside down when he receives a crate containing six live penguins.
19:30 The Jump   The remaining ten contestants race hell-for-leather as they compete live in the fast and furious Speed Ski, with another celebrity due for elimination by the end of the show. (S3 Ep3)
21:00 Deutschland 83:  Able Archer   In the feature-length finale, as the threat of a nuclear war continues to escalate, Moritz must do everything in his power to prevent a catastrophe. In German/subs. (Ep7/7)
22:45 Predator 2 (1990)   The deadly alien is back, hunting the streets of Los Angeles for his prey. But when he starts taking on the police, detective Danny Glover gets tough. Strong language/gory violence.
00:45 Embarrassing Bodies:  Back to the Clinic   Doctors Christian, Pixie and Dawn catch up with some of the most memorable cases from the award-winning series.
01:40 Come Dine with Me   Bolton. First host is karaoke manager Yvonne, who plans to take her guests on a culinary world tour from Latin America, to Asia, and then back to Bolton in time for dessert. (Ep1/5)
02:10 Come Dine with Me   Bolton. Property developer Mark is relying on his time-saving gadgets to lay on an ambitious menu, while the group's self-appointed joker Paul tries to entertain the ladies. (Ep2/5)
02:40 Come Dine with Me   Bolton. It's bubbly blonde Kate Mayers' turn to host and please her guests. Meanwhile, serial flirt Paul makes some rather racy discoveries in Kate's bedroom. (Ep3/5)
03:05 Come Dine with Me   Bolton. Smooth-talking Paul serves risotto with black pudding and scallops, Beef Wellington, and bread and butter pudding. But there's a catch. One of the team has been taken ill. (Ep4/5)
03:35 Come Dine with Me   Bolton. On the final night Sarah is feeling better and ready to seize the crown. But her hopes of winning rest on her hot fruit tower staying upright. (Ep5/5)
04:05 Undercover Boss USA   Catherine Monson, the CEO of America's largest custom sign franchise business, experiences life-changing discoveries while undercover in the firm learning how to manufacture their products.
04:55 Kirstie's Handmade Treasures   Queen of crafts Kirstie Allsopp is up against an origami 'black belt' in the 'Something New from Something Old' competition at the Royal Wales Show. Will her vintage paper jewellery win?
05:05 Beat My Build   It's England v Wales as two teams of property developers battle to make the biggest profit from their renovation projects and walk away with the 5000 prize.

Listings for Channel 4 on 14th February 2016

Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Today : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday

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