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Listings for Channel 4 on 7th September 2014

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05:45 NFL: Rush Zone   Animated series that centres on a young football fan called Ish, who must protect shards of a power source called The Core, hidden in various NFL stadiums.
06:10 How I Met Your Mother:  Come On   Barney slaps Ted when he says he wants to pursue Robin. Later, in frustration at Robin's camping trip with Sandy, Ted performs a rain dance to keep her at home.
06:35 Everybody Loves Raymond:  She's the One   Robert is excited because he's dating a great new woman, and hints that she might even be 'the One', until Ray sees her do something strange...
07:05 British GT   British GT Championship heads to the Kent circuit of Brands Hatch.
07:30 Castle Howard Triathlon   Yorkshire's the venue for this round, on a course that takes in the stunning sights of Castle Howard's house and gardens, previously used for the TV series Brideshead Revisited.
08:30 National Paralympics Day   Two years on from the glorious summer of 2012, the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park welcomes back some of Britain's best loved Paralympic stars.
09:30 Sunday Brunch   Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer host the show with great recipes, music and previews. Guests include Dave Gorman, Will Mellor, Sarah Hadland and music from Twin Atlantic.
12:30 George Clarke's Amazing Spaces   George meets a woman who wants to build a shop and a mobile home out of an old horsebox, and a couple creating a holiday home out of a milk float.
13:35 The Big Bang Theory:  The Hawking Excitation   When Stephen Hawking comes to lecture at the university, Howard is given the task of maintaining his wheelchair, making Sheldon green with envy.
14:00 The Big Bang Theory:  The Stag Convergence   Leonard, Sheldon and Raj throw a bachelor party for Howard, during which some stories about his sexual history are accidentally revealed.
14:25 The Big Bang Theory:  The Launch Acceleration   When NASA informs Howard that his space mission has been rescheduled to an earlier date, he tries to use the wedding as an excuse not to go.
14:55 The Simpsons:  Bart the Fink   Bart gets Krusty the Clown busted for tax evasion, then Krusty disappears in a mysterious plane crash.
15:25 Fool's Gold (2008)   Comedy adventure. Matthew McConaughey stars as a treasure hunter who, with his ex-wife (Kate Hudson), is hunting for a sunken Spanish galleon awash with gold bullion.
17:35 Deal or No Deal   Noel Edmonds presents the hit show in which players could win up to 250 grand. In a game-changing twist players could also double their money with Box 23 - but are they brave enough?
18:30 Channel 4 News   Includes sport and weather.
19:00 How Britain Worked   Guy Martin helps to get Llandudno - the queen of Victorian seaside resorts - up to scratch in time for the summer season, working on the pier, a helter-skelter and the funicular tramway.
20:00 The Boats That Made Britain...   ...A Time Team Special: Tony Robinson joins a team of experts as they strive to reconstruct the Dover Boat - one of the oldest seagoing boats in the world.
21:00 Houdini   Two-part US drama following the tale of escapologist Harry Houdini as he emerges as America's first bona fide, world-renowned superstar. Adrien Brody, Kristen Connolly and Evan Jones star.
22:55 The Ugly Truth (2009)   Bawdy romcom starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. She's an uptight TV producer, he's the chauvinistic presenter she asks for dating advice. Strong language/sexual scenes.
00:45 NFL: American Football Live   Channel 4's first live game of the season sees two of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks face each other in the clash between the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos.
04:45 British GT   British GT Championship heads to the Kent circuit of Brands Hatch.
05:10 Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking   Gordon serves up some sensational comfort food, including spiced baked porridge; delicious sausage hotpot; potato and beetroot gratin; and gorgeous apple compote with a creamy whip. [SL]
05:40 SuperScrimpers   Bite-size portions from the series that shows how to scrimp and save in these straitened times. Mrs Moneypenny leads the way with enough money-saving tips to help everyone live for less.
06:00 Countdown   Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Janet Street-Porter is in Dictionary Corner.

Listings for Channel 4 on 7th September 2014

Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Today : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday : Monday

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