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Listings for Channel 4 on 18th April 2014

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06:00 Countdown   Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Louise Minchin is in Dictionary Corner.
06:45 Will & Grace:  Acting Out   When a scene in a sitcom is pulled because it features two gay men kissing, Will and Jack appear on the Today show to protest at the network's decision.
07:10 According to Jim:  Paintball   Cheryl cajoles Jim into attending a disastrous cooking class. To make it up to him, she agrees to go paintballing with him.
07:35 The King of Queens:  Richie's Song   During a painful double-date with Richie and his self-absorbed wife, Marie, Carrie reluctantly tells Doug that Marie's doting ways belie her wandering tendencies.
08:00 Everybody Loves Raymond:  Separation   Debra gets upset when she finds out that her parents have separated.
08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond:  Frank Paints the House   Frank offers to paint Ray's house, but refuses to paint it the colour that Ray and Debra wanted.
09:00 Frasier:  It Takes Two to Tangle   Frasier and Niles desperately search for a wealthy patron to lend support to the failing prep school they both went to.
09:30 Frasier:  Forgotten But Not Gone   Frasier resigns from his beloved Wine Club to avoid a conflict of interest when he begins a new radio show about wine.
10:00 Undercover Boss USA   Lorne Abony is the CEO and Chairman of in-store media provider Mood Media, one of the fastest growing companies in America. He adopts a disguise and goes undercover in his own company.
11:00 Come Dine with Me   The latest cook-off comes from West Yorkshire, where first to host is 50-year-old, no-nonsense healthcare worker Bev Stewart whose menu includes fish fingers, and jelly and ice cream.
11:30 Come Dine with Me   Second to host in Keighley is 40-year-old computer engineer Adam Bolam-Peel, who has plenty of surprises up his sleeve - from Northumbrian pipe playing to a session of poetry writing.
12:00 Channel 4 News Summary   Includes news headlines and weather.
12:05 Come Dine with Me   Image-conscious salon owner Rebecca Saunders has plumped for a 'Glitz and Glam' dress code as part of her evening in Keighley that also includes a mock makeover for everyone.
12:35 Come Dine with Me   It's the turn of Italian sales advisor Philomena Golenya to host in Keighley, and Charlie accidentally breaks the host's chair, while Philomena has to put out a fire in the kitchen.
13:05 Come Dine with Me   It's the final night in Keighley and last to host is Charlie Walker, who plans a night of extravagant entertainment with a 'Stylish with Swimwear' dress code and a hot tub disco.
13:40 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun   Jonnie Irwin shows Steven Weald and Sue Upson five properties for their 150,000 budget north of Naples in Florida.
14:40 Countdown   Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Louise Minchin is in Dictionary Corner.
15:30 Deal or No Deal   Noel Edmonds presents the hit show in which players could win up to 250,000. In a game-changing twist players could now double their money with Box 23 - but are they brave enough?
16:30 Fifteen to One   After an 11-year break, the popular quiz show is back with a brand new look. Sandi Toksvig asks 15 contestants some of the toughest questions on television as they play to win 40,000.
17:30 Come Dine with Me   Host Holly Venning shows her love of Cumbria by serving Cumbrian scallops and chorizo, Cumberland sausage and Penrith fudge pudding. But is it all a bit much for some guests?
18:00 The Simpsons:  22 Short Films about Springfield   A Pulp Fiction-style trip through the everyday life of Springfield reveals what really goes on in this apparently normal town.
18:30 Hollyoaks   Will Grace be able to go through with the plan? A panicked Joe and Freddie realise that Sandy's life is in danger, while Ste stumbles upon new evidence.
19:00 Channel 4 News   Includes sport and weather.
19:55 Lent Diaries   Lent Diaries meets people who worship in Britain's West African churches. Pastor Marjorie Esomowei tells her congregation that a good Christian wife should submit her will to her husband.
20:00 Posh Pawn   New series uncovering the hidden world of high-end pawnbroking. This episode features two very different women with jaw-dropping necklaces, and a yellow submarine's underwater test drive.
21:00 15,000 Kids and Counting   The final episode of the series with unparalleled access to the entire adoption process follows children and adopted parents as they learn to live with and love their new family members.
22:00 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown   Jimmy Carr hosts the show, with captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson who are joined by Dara O Briain and Sharon Horgan. Adam Buxton and Joe Wilkinson assist Susie Dent and Rachel Riley.
23:05 Embarrassing Bodies: Live...   ...from the Clinic: A new series in which viewers Skype Doctors Christian, Dawn and Pixie their ailments live on TV. This episode tackles embarrassment surrounding mental health issues.
00:05 One Born Every Minute   On her birthday, midwife and single mum Lara contemplates life and love while delivering twins. Meanwhile, a nervous dad who's clueless about the labour process prays for a quick delivery.
01:00 Random Acts   Channel 4's short-form arts strand. Metal B-Boy's super venom leaves Zebra Face magnetised.
01:05 Food Prices: The Shocking Truth   Jimmy Doherty asks why the prices of staple foods like coffee, eggs, pork and cornflakes have been rising so quickly.
02:00 Dead Famous DNA   Mark Evans tracks down DNA from Charles Darwin's beard, Napoleon's penis, and JFK and Marilyn Monroe's hair as he tries to find out what analysis of their DNA can reveal about their lives.
02:55 Shop Secrets: Tricks of the Trade   Superseller Jazzy Jim takes a pitch on London's Portobello Market to show how easy it is to pass off cheap vegetables as 100% organic. And there's a look at bogus boob-enhancement creams.
03:25 Are You Addicted to Your Doctor?:  Channel 4 Dispatches   The NHS loses millions of pounds each year to missed appointments, unnecessary call-outs and misuse of A&E. Tazeen Ahmad investigates over-use of our health system.
03:55 Unreported World   The world affairs series returns for a new run, starting in Indonesia, home to the planet's most polluted river and a textile industry supplying some of the world's biggest fashion brands.
04:20 River Cottage Bites   The three star ingredients this time are beef, tomato and shallots, as they come together to create the perfect stew.
04:40 SuperScrimpers   Katie and Danny are addicted to splashing their cash on home improvements and interiors, a habit that has seriously dented their bank balance. Also, a look at the best bargains on mobiles.

Listings for Channel 4 on 18th April 2014

Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday : Today : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday

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