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Listings for Channel 4 on 27th November 2014

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05:35 Countdown   Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Len Goodman is in Dictionary Corner.
06:20 The King of Queens:  Dog Days   Carrie thinks Doug should be tougher with their new neighbours about their dog, which is keeping them awake. And Arthur believes he was the inspiration for Charlie Brown.
06:45 The King of Queens:  Crappy Birthday   When Carrie tells Doug to ignore her 30th birthday, he is more than happy to play along because there's a huge ultimate fighting tournament on TV.
07:10 3rd Rock from the Sun:  Collect Call for Dick   The Solomons find out about the human obsession with collecting when they get caught up in a craze for furry animal soft toys, but Dick takes his new hobby too far.
07:35 3rd Rock from the Sun:  What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do with Dick?   Dick thinks Mary is neglecting him because her new job as dean takes up too much of her time, but he cheers up when he gets a new office-mate.
08:00 Everybody Loves Raymond:  Prodigal Son   When Ray agrees to go back to church, he soon discovers why Frank is happy to go every week.
08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond:  Robert's Rodeo   When Robert is injured in the line of duty, Ray realises that he is partly, although unwittingly, responsible.
09:00 Frasier:  Roz Krantz and Gouldenstein Are Dead   Roz serves a community service order at a retirement home, but all the people she looks after pass away.
09:30 Frasier:  The Unnatural   Frasier tries to stop Frederick realising that he's a less than perfect father when he fills in on the radio station's baseball team.
10:00 Daily Brunch with Ocado   Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer present the new series that provides a hearty mixture of delicious recipes, the very best celebrity guests and some brilliantly quirky items.
11:00 Jamie's Comfort Food   In the final programme of the series, Jamie Oliver cooks his versions of ham, egg and chips, chicken kebab and a three-tiered chocolate sponge cake with nougat frosting.
11:30 Come Dine with Me   The competition comes from Peterborough where first to host is chatty mum of three Parveen Ashraf, who has put together a massive Asian-themed menu.
12:00 Channel 4 News Summary   Includes news headlines and weather.
12:05 Come Dine with Me   It's day two in Peterborough and the turn of insurance broker and chilli hater Shane Jackson to wow the group with his cooking skills. But, instead, it's a case of disaster after disaster.
12:35 Come Dine with Me   Catering manager Carolle Barlow decides to host a 70s themed evening in Peterborough and asks her guests to 'Come as you were in 1977', even though some of them weren't born then.
13:05 Come Dine with Me   In Peterborough it's the turn of party girl Aly Nicholson to show off her culinary skills. She's so confident she can win, she's even attempting two courses she's never cooked before.
13:40 Come Dine with Me   It's the final night of the competition in Peterborough and one of the five diners will win the 1000 prize money. But is pole dance instructor Ricky Dent's confidence misplaced?
14:10 Countdown   Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Len Goodman is in Dictionary Corner.
15:00 Fifteen to One   Sandi Toksvig presents the notoriously tough quiz show as 15 contestants compete to win a place in the Grand Final.
16:00 Deal or No Deal   Noel Edmonds presents the hit show in which players could win up to 250 grand. In a game-changing twist players could also double their money with Box 23 - but are they brave enough?
17:00 Come Dine with Me   In Darlington, musician and aspiring chef Ricky attempts to win his guests over with his creative culinary skills, while a budding bromance threatens to erupt into a full-blown love affair!
17:30 Coach Trip   The group spend the day in the Estonian capital Tallinn where one tourist is banished to the naughty step by Brendan at a marzipan making class, before Brendan loses the plot himself.
18:00 The Simpsons:  Donnie Fatso   Homer is jailed for bribing an official, but an FBI investigator offers to reduce his sentence if he agrees to go undercover as an informant spying on gangster Fat Tony.
18:30 Hollyoaks   Diane is faced with a life-changing decision, while Jason is in turmoil about his upcoming charity boxing match. Kim is shocked when Lindsey tells her some home truths.
19:00 Channel 4 News   Includes sport and weather.
19:55 Turner Prize at 30   The fourth of five short films exploring the importance of the Turner Prize and its impact on artists who've won it. This episode showcases 1995, when Damien Hirst won.
20:00 George Clarke's Amazing Spaces   George meets a couple in Worcestershire who have just 50k to build a home using four old portable cabins. And he meets Lauren who's turning a pond and garden into a beach-themed retreat.
21:00 24 Hours in A&E   Sixty-year-old Iain is rushed to St George's after falling ten feet off a ladder. And 13-year-old Lucy has lost the feeling in her feet and hands after falling off a trampoline.
22:00 Babylon   Robbie's first day in the Armed Response Unit turns into a baptism of fire, while Commissioner Miller gives Liz and her new ideas his full backing, leaving Finn worried about his future.
23:05 8 Out of 10 Cats   Jimmy Carr hosts the topical comedy panel show, alongside team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock, and guests Carol Vorderman, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Rob Beckett and Sara Pascoe.
23:50 999: What's Your Emergency?   The final episode in the series asks the police, ambulance and fire staff what they really think about their jobs.
00:55 One Born Every Minute   This episode features unexpected twins, and the tables are turned when one of the midwives arrives for labour. And neither of them wants intervention or an epidural.
01:50 Unreported World   Unreported World follows the inspirational work of the sign language teachers transforming the lives of deaf children and adults in Uganda who have never been able to communicate until now.
02:15 How to Break into Britain:  Channel 4 Dispatches   Dispatches goes deep inside camps in Calais to investigate the gangs that are making big money by smuggling illegal immigrants into Britain.
02:45 The Real Mill with Tony Robinson   The story of how Britain's Industrial Revolution workers fought for the rights we take for granted today, via bloodshed in Manchester and successful demands for change. [SL]
03:40 Phil: Secret Agent Down Under   Phil Spencer goes undercover to help Steve and Amanda Lynch find a home in Perth. But purchasing property is never easy, especially when the market is as hot as it is in western Australia.
04:40 Location, Location, Location   Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer revisit two sets of family home-hunters: Ian in the seaside town of Broadstairs, Kent, and newly-engaged couple Tara and Alastair in Edinburgh.

Listings for Channel 4 on 27th November 2014

Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Today : Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday

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