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Listings for Five on 22nd November 2015

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06:00 Peppa Pig:  Thunderstorm   Animation about a lovable young pig. Peppa and George get caught in a thunderstorm. (S1 Ep 32)
06:05 Bananas In Pyjamas:  Special Jelly   Animated series featuring the voices of Dick and Dom. The Bananas have prepared a lovely lunch for the Teddies and need a special pudding to go with it. (S1 Ep 12)
06:20 Bob The Builder   CGI animation. Bob and his team help Chef Tattie open up his new UFO-themed revolving restaurant. (S1 Ep 3)
06:30 Tickety Toc:  Package Time   Animation about twins who live in a cuckoo clock. The twins are asked to deliver a precious package to Madame Au Lait, but end up chasing it around Tickety Town. (S1 Ep 11)
06:45 Milkshake Monkey:  Crossing Water   Adventures in Cornwall with the inquisitive puppet. Milkshake Monkey and his friends travel across a river in a car but without using a bridge. How do they do it? (S2 Ep 9)
06:50 Make Way For Noddy:  Mr Plod and the Jail Bird   Children's animated series. Mr Plod arrests Toy Town's rooster for being too noisy. (S1 Ep 25)
07:00 Paw Patrol   Pups' Autumn Festival: CGI animation following a pack of puppies led by a 10-year-old called Ryder. The puppies need to pick all of farmer Yumi's fruit before a snowstorm arrives. (S1 Ep 2)
07:10 Little Princess:  I Want My Plaster   Little Princess feels brave as she sports the plaster on her knee, but that feeling evaporates when the time comes to rip the plaster off. (S2 Ep 15)
07:30 Pip Ahoy!   Children's animation. The Stunt Gull display team are due to perform in Salty Cove when Cyril is injured in training. Who will step in to replace him? (S1 Ep 7)
07:45 New: Blaze   Animation. When a hungry Crusher accidentally turns all the baker truck's baker robots to messy mode, they sprout wheels and rampage through Axle City. (S1 Ep 9)
08:15 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom:  The Royal Picnic   Impish animation. Holly accidentally breaks her mum's special new teapot. Can Ben help her repair it? (S1 Ep 52)
08:30 Wanda and The Alien:  Purple Hippo   Animation. Wanda draws a purple hippo when she is teaching Alien about drawing. Alien uses his magic to make it come to life, but the hippo grows bigger and bigger. (S1 Ep 24)
08:40 Toby's Travelling Circus:  Heatwave   Animation. It is an extremely hot day at the circus. Toby gets Thor to build a fan out of Dolores' parasol and the cannon, but the fan turns out to be far too powerful. (S1 Ep 32)
08:55 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   CGI-animated series. The turtles return to New York to search for Splinter, to find the city in ruins and the Kraang in complete control, above and below ground. (S3 Ep 9)
09:30 New: The Saturday Show   Topical live two-hour chat show. Presenters Matt Barbet and Gaby Roslin are joined by three celebrity guests to review the week's headlines, celebrity gossip and hot topics. (Ep 4)
11:30 My Santa   Family drama starring Matthew Lawrence and Samaire Armstrong. Jen begins to lose her faith in Christmas but then becomes attracted to the local shopping centre Santa. (2013)
13:10 Snowed In at Rosemont   Drama starring Ayla Kell and Brendan Michael Coughlin. Drama. A pregnant woman and a professional snowboarder seek shelter at a defunct lodge during a storm. (2015)
15:00 Christmas Mail   Holiday romantic comedy starring Ashley Scott and A.J. Buckley. A mysterious woman who works at the post office answering Santa's mail captures the heart of a disillusioned postal carrier. (2010)
16:50 Naughty Or Nice   Festive drama starring Hilarie Burton and Matt Dallas. A woman working as a shopping centre elf comes into possession of Santa's naughty or nice book. (2012)
18:30 5 News Weekend   National and international news.
18:35 Funniest Fails, Falls & Flops   Comedy clip show based on the YouTube sensation. (S1 Ep 11)
19:00 Police Interceptors   Reality series. Justin and Paul chase down a gang of suspected car thieves. Iakes seven interceptors to stop a violent thief who tries to sink his teeth into them. (S9 Ep 9)
20:00 Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away   Reality series. Stewart and Elmore face a terrible moral dilemma when they find a critically ill toddler at a home they are expected to repossess. (S3 Ep 8)
21:00 Football League Tonight   Kelly Cates and George Riley present highlights of all of the day's action. In the Championship, Leeds host Rotherham in what is sure to be a hotly contested Yorkshire derby. (S1 Ep 17)
22:25 Greatest Christmas TV Moments   A three-hour countdown of some of Christmas TV's greatest moments. Highlights include scenes from 'Only Fools and Horses', 'Morecambe and Wise' and 'The Royle Family'.
01:10 SuperCasino   Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel. For more information and to register visit
03:10 Bamma: Night of Champions   Mixed martial arts action pits Stapleton v Sterritt and Arthur v Walsh at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, presented by David Haye. Plus 15 other matches.
05:00 Chinese Food In Minutes   Chinese cookery show with chef Ching-He Huang. (Ep 3)
05:15 Make It Big   Series following 12 children running a business. At the end of the second week in the Make It Big office, some of the team get their first verbal warnings. (S1 Ep 4)

Listings for Five on 22nd November 2015

Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Today : Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday

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