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Listings for Five on 27th September 2014

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06:00 Peppa Pig:  Museum   Animation about a lovable young pig. Peppa and her family visit the museum. Peppa likes the Kings and Queens room, whereas George's favourite is the dinosaur room.
06:05 Roary The Racing Car:  Workshop Chaos   Big Chris is furious when Marsha tidies up his workshop - how's he supposed to work in these conditions?
06:15 Angelina Ballerina   Angelina encounters a new pupil who does not quite fit in with her idea of an ordinary ballet dancer! AJ loves hip-hop, which Angelina finds a little unusual.
06:30 Bert and Ernie:  Pirates   Bert and Ernie find out there's hidden treasure to be found on a magical island. With the help of a map owned by Bert's Uncle Albert they head off to face a storm.
06:35 New: Seaside Antics   
06:40 Mr Men:  Reptiles   Mr Bump finds Mr Stubborn's swamp tour more than a little testing, while Mr Grumpy and Miss Chatterbox share a decidedly bumpy ride along with some scaly friends.
06:55 Chloe's Closet   Horse on a Wire: Animation. Tara decides to give a horse a makeover before a big rodeo. This makes the horse look pretty, but it turns out that it is more comfortable being itself.
07:05 Olly The Little White Van:  The Driving Test   Animated series. It is the day of Alice's driving test and Stan has taken her out to get some last-minute practice. Unfortunately, Stan is a very nervous passenger.
07:10 Bananas In Pyjamas:  Holes Galore   Animation. When some holes appear in the park, the Banana Detectives camp out for the night to discover the surprising reason behind their appearance.
07:25 Make Way For Noddy:  Noddy's Perfect Gift   Children's animated series. Noddy writes a song for Tessie Bear and decides to sing it for her birthday.
07:40 City of Friends:  Spot The Bear   Animation. A bear is on the loose! All the emergency teams are on the lookout. The problem is that Jumpi keeps disappearing at the most crucial moments.
08:00 Little Princess:  I Don't Want to Tidy Up   The mess in The Little Princess's bedroom has got out of hand, but the vanishing of her teddy bear Gilbert forces her to change her ways.
08:10 The Adventures of Bottle Top...   ...Bill and His Best Friend Corky. The Flyaway Sheep: Bill and Corky are left scratching their heads when Mrs Whistlehead's sheep take off and start flying around.
08:30 New: Wanda and The Alien   Animation. Alien tries to hide from his shadow! Once Wanda explains that everyone has one and he should not be afraid of it he then sees the fun side to having a shadow.
08:45 Rupert Bear:  Rupert And The Apple River   When Rupert and his friends go apple picking by the river on a hot day, Ping Pong's attempt to 'magic up' some fizzy apple drink hits difficulties.
09:00 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom:  Daisy and Poppy's Playgroup   Preschool animation. After the disappearance of Mrs Fotheringill, the twins have had no playgroup to attend. Queen Thistle becomes their new teacher.
09:15 Jelly Jamm:  Promises Promises   3D CGI-animation. Bello and Goomo forget to watch over Rita's favourite doll Princess and have to get her back from the king.
09:30 Lazytown:  Chef Rottenfood   Healthy fun. When two chefs turn up in LazyTown claiming to be the world-famous Pablo Fantastico, Sportacus and the kids challenge them both to a cook-off.
10:00 Access   A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment.
10:10 Never Teach Your Wife To Drive   Brand new hair-raising documentary following three British couples out on the road as one of them learns to drive. All the drama and mayhem of a driving lesson but without the dual control!
11:10 The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door   Brand new series about Britain's feuding neighbours. Includes an army veteran who was attacked with a knife, a man who threatened to burn down a conservatory and two neighbours who came to blows!
12:10 Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away   Brand new documentary series about bailiffs and repossession agents. Tempers flare at football star Neil Ruddock's house and a trainee in Yorkshire discovers how dangerous the job can be.
13:10 Storage: Flog The Lot!   Reality series that pits professional dealers bidding against each other for a series of mystery items. Reclamation kings Dale and Paul are determined to make their mark.
14:15 Cromwell   Epic re-telling of the clash between two great historical figures - Oliver Cromwell and the enigmatic, forceful King Charles I.
17:00 The Long Ship   Viking adventure starring Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier. Two brothers search for the legendary Golden Bells of St James but fall into the clutches of an evil king. (1964)
19:30 5 News Weekend   National and international news.
19:35 World War II In Colour:  Britain at Bay   Documentary series using modern colouring techniques on wartime footage. After the retreat from Dunkirk, Hitler sets his sights on Britain.
20:30 The Patriot   American Revolution drama starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. A farmer with a new-found pacifism but a brutal military past decides to fight again when his son is captured. (2000)
23:35 Lost Heroes of WW1   Documentary series told by those who lived through 1914-18. In July 1914, a tide of patriotic fervour swept Britain as young men flocked to the recruitment centres.
00:00 SuperCasino   Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel. For more information and to register visit
03:10 Age Gap Love: He's 70...   ...She's 37: Last of a two-part documentary series featuring people who are in relationships with much younger partners. Includes a couple who are often mistaken for mother and son!
04:00 House Doctor   Series in which Ann Maurice provides home-improvement advice for properties. The owners of a colourful property in Milton Keynes need to make a sale so they can move to France.
04:25 Make It Big   Eleven children attempt to run a business. It's week 3 and plans for a surprise birthday party for Josh hit a snag. Matt and Jess's ongoing feud kicks off again. [SL]
04:50 Make It Big   Eleven children attempt to run a business. Matt and Jess are issued with an official warning. Keiron and Alanna have their very own photo shoot. [SL]
05:15 Angels of Jarm   Penny's Cakes. Moralistic animation. Penny bakes some cakes and swaps them for things with her friends, but Dharma has nothing to offer in exchange and is not allowed a cake.
05:20 Angels of Jarm   The caged bird. Moralistic animation. When Murali cares for an injured bird, he wants to keep it. Angel Mick must teach him that what is best for him may not be best for the bird.
05:30 Angels of Jarm   Dad's Day Out. Aaron is anxious that if his father tags along on a school outing, it would be embarrassing, but Angel Rafe has an idea on how his dad could win his son's respect.
05:40 Roary The Racing Car:  Busy Day for Big Chris   Animated adventures of the little racing car. Big Chris is trying to relax, but every time he sits down, somebody wants his help!

Listings for Five on 27th September 2014

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