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Listings for Five on 16th December 2014

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06:00 The WotWots:  Alpaca Sad   Alien animation. The WotWots draw an imaginary animal with poodle legs, a camel's body and a sheep's head, and are surprised to find that it may actually exist.
06:10 Igam Ogam:  Where's My Doggy?   Prehistoric animation. Igam Ogam has a falling out with her pet dinosaur Doggy, who then goes missing...
06:20 Fireman Sam:  Troubled Waters   CGI adventures. Moose has to call Fireman Sam after Steele and Gareth get into trouble in a rowing boat at the Mountain Activity Centre.
06:30 Toot The Tiny Tugboat:  Saved by the Bell   The animated adventures of a tugboat in his first year of service. Toot finds an old bell with the aid of a sonar device and Bethan and Caleb build sandcastles.
06:45 Peppa Pig:  A Trip To The Moon   Pig tales. Peppa's family go to the museum's moon exhibition with George's friend Edmond Elephant.
06:50 Peppa Pig:  Grandpa At The Playground   Pig tales. Grandpa Pig takes Peppa and George to the playground, but does not understand the children's rules.
06:55 Pip Ahoy!:  Walkie Talkie   When Pip and Alba offer to do Skipper's chores for him after he twists his ankle, he watches them through binoculars and tells them what to do with a walkie talkie.
07:05 Milkshake Monkey   Seal Sanctuary; Adventures in Cornwall with the inquisitive puppet. When it is feeding time at the seal sanctuary Milkshake Monkey is there to help.
07:10 Little Princess:  What's Wrong With Gilbert?   Animation based on the picture books. When Teddy Gilbert's leg falls off, the princess decides not to play with him any more in case he breaks again.
07:20 Mr Men:  Radio   Mr Grumpy wants the wireless turned off during a road trip with Mr Happy. Mr Fussy, meanwhile, cooks up trouble thanks to Miss Helpful's radio show.
07:30 Milkshake   A look ahead to today's children's programmes, including competitions and dedications.
07:35 Thomas and Friends:  The Christmas Tree Express   CGI animation. Rheneas asks Toby to take him to Misty Island to find a Christmas tree, but Toby has heard there are strange things on Misty Island...
07:50 Noddy In Toyland:  Whiz and the Goblins   Toy Town tales. The Goblins break their fun-o-meter and blame it on Whiz!
08:00 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom:  Mrs Fig's Magic School   Preschool animation. Holly goes to school for the first time. Ben comes along, despite protests from the Wise Old Elf.
08:15 Peppa Pig:  Tooth Fairy   Animated series about a lovable little pig. One of Peppa's teeth falls out. Mummy Pig explains that the Tooth Fairy will come that very night to take the tooth.
08:25 Peppa Pig:  The New Car   Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa and her family are going for a drive. Suddenly their car breaks down.
08:30 Milkshake Monkey:  Top Nanas!   Preschool series. Milkshake Monkey's exploits take him on a journey to the Eden Project in Cornwall, to discover where his favourite snack, bananas, come from.
08:35 Toby's Travelling Circus:  The Wheel Inspector   Animation. When a call comes through saying that the circus vehicles are to have their wheels inspected, Dolores gets Freddo and Clara to tell Toby.
08:50 Bananas In Pyjamas:  We Love Cuddlestown   Animated series. It is 'We Love Cuddlestown Day', and the Bananas are helping everyone to decorate their houses, but where are their own decorations?
09:00 Tickety Toc:  Outerspace Time   Animation about two lively twins who live inside a cuckoo clock. Tommy and Tallulah set off on a space adventure.
09:15 The Wright Stuff   Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show.
11:40 Battle of The Bulbs   Seasonal comedy starring Matt Frewer and Daniel Stern. Two neighbouring rivals attempt to outdo each other in their town's Christmas decoration competition. (2010)
13:25 5 News at Lunchtime   National and international news.
13:30 Home and Away   Nate and Brax find VJ at the bottom of a cliff, but Nate impales himself on the way down it. When Andy finds the discrepancy in the gym's accounts, Maddy begs him to keep quiet.
14:00 A Bride For Christmas   Romantic comedy starring Andrew W Walker and Arielle Kebbel. Romantic comedy. Aiden bets his mates he can marry recently separated Jessie in four weeks. (2012)
15:45 Lucky Christmas   Romantic drama starring Elizabeth Berkley and Jason Gray-Stanford. An unlucky single-mother hopes her luck will change when she meets a new man in the run up to Christmas. (2011)
17:30 5 News at 5   National and international news presented by Emma Crosby.
18:00 Home and Away   Nate and Brax find VJ at the bottom of a cliff, but Nate impales himself on the way down it. When Andy finds the discrepancy in the gym's accounts, Maddy begs him to keep quiet.
18:30 5 News Tonight   National and international news including reports, live updates and interviews. Presented by Matt Barbet.
19:00 Worlds Ultimate Strongest Team   Strongman competition in which two-man teams battle it out over eight events. Competitors include Brian Shaw, Terry Hollands and Eddie Hall.
19:55 5 News Update   National and international news.
20:00 New: Gibraltar: Britain In The Sun   Documentary series. In this episode the Rock's resident monkey expert Dr Eric Shaw is hoping to repel a monkey invasion!
21:00 New: Kids' Hospital at Christmas   Documentary series following staff and patients at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital over the festive period. 13-day-old Harry undergoes surgery to remove a tumour from the base of his spine.
22:00 Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole   Documentary series about people who live on benefits, focusing this time on the immigrants who claim welfare in order to support children who live overseas in their home countries.
23:00 NCIS:  Silent Night   US crime drama series. A former petty officer thought to have been dead for 17 years is implicated in a double homicide.
23:55 NCIS:  Newborn King   US crime drama starring Mark Harmon. After a Navy captain is murdered in his hotel room, the NCIS team has to find his pregnant companion and protect her from unknown assailants.
00:55 SuperCasino   Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel. For more information and to register visit
03:10 Living On The Edge   Blood On The Sand. New documentary. Chris Terrill lives with the Tuareg nomads in Mali, then encounters entire communities in the grip of a long-term drought in Kenya and Islamic militants in Somalia.
04:00 Nick's Quest   Naturalist Nick Baker travels to the remote Venezuelan region of Llanos to find the world's largest snake.
04:20 House Doctor   Series in which Ann Maurice provides home improvement advice for properties that are proving difficult to sell. She focuses on an arty garden flat in London's Kensal Green.
04:45 House Doctor   Home-improvement series with Ann Maurice. In this edition, she visits Headingley, Leeds, to revamp a flat in a Grade II listed building. Tris Payne co-presents.
05:10 House Doctor   Home improvement series. Californian interior designer Ann Maurice works her magic on a house on a busy road in Wandsworth, London.
05:35 Wildlife SOS   Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary.
06:00 The WotWots:  Whistle Wots   Animation. The WotWots find a sheepdog hard at work. SpottyWot is inspired, but is he inspired enough to clear up the huge mess he made earlier?

Listings for Five on 16th December 2014

Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday : Today : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday

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