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Listings for Five on 28th March 2015

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06:00 Peppa Pig:  Treasure Hunt   Animated series about a lovable little pig. Granny and Grandpa Pig organise a treasure hunt in the garden for Peppa and George.
06:05 Bananas In Pyjamas:  Morgan the Bear   The animated adventures of two bananas. Morgan finds a book on grizzly bears and decides that he does not want to be a teddy anymore - he wants to be a big bear!
06:20 Angelina Ballerina:  Angelina and the New Jeans   Animation. AJ loves hip hop, but he is having trouble dancing because his new jeans are just so uncomfortable!
06:30 Milkshake Bop Box:  Ballet Hop   Derek and Olivia compete in a street dance versus classical ballet dance-off.
06:35 Pip Ahoy!:  Shelvis's New Home   Animation. Shelvis the crab is a hoarder. When his possessions become too much for his shell home, Pip and Alba build him a new one! But is it what he wanted?
06:45 Mr Men:  Sun and Moon   Animated sketch show. Mr Grumpy is woken up by Mr Scatterbrain's late-night gardening. Miss Daredevil and a team of astronauts collect some moon rocks.
07:00 Chloe's Closet:  Flower Power   Animation. The imaginative adventures of a little girl while playing dressing-up in her wardrobe. Chloe and her friends travel to the Netherlands to watch the tulips bloom.
07:10 The Milkshake Show Songs:  Let's Get Outside   Children's entertainment show. The Milkshake! presenters perform some of their favourite songs.
07:15 New: Olly The Little White Van:  Ruby's Rescue   Ruby is a trainee rescue helicopter. But when she mistakenly rescues people going about their everyday business, she is in trouble with the Mayor.
07:20 Make Way For Noddy:  Lie Down, Mr Wobbly Man!   It's Mr Wobbly Man's birthday, but how can Noddy and Tessie Bear facilitate his efforts to watch the clouds?
07:30 Milkshake Monkey:  Top Nanas   Preschool series. Milkshake Monkey's exploits take him on a journey to the Eden Project in Cornwall, to discover where his favourite snack, bananas, come from.
07:35 Paw Patrol:  Pups Save The Bay   CGI animated series. The gang clean up a small oil spill in the water. They must plug the hole in the ship, get rid of the oil and save the wildlife all at once.
07:45 Little Princess:  Who Turned The Lights Off?   Regal animation. There is a power cut in the castle just as Princess and the rest of the household are preparing a birthday party for Great Uncle Walter.
08:00 Wanda and The Alien:  Shadows   Animation. Alien tries to hide from his shadow! Once Wanda explains that everyone has one and he should not be afraid of it he then sees the fun side to having a shadow.
08:10 New: Zack and Quack:  The Best Pop-Up Picnic Ever   Animated adventures of a boy and his best feathered friend. The gang organises a surprise picnic for Zack.
08:25 Bert and Ernie:  Planet Bert   Claymation featuring Bert and Ernie from 'Sesame Street'. Bert and Ernie don their astronaut gear and take a trip into space.
08:30 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom:  Gaston Goes to School   Preschool animation. After Strawberry shows off her well-trained new pet, Gaston is sent to pet school where Miss Jolly soon gets him into shape.
08:45 Jelly Jamm:  White Sneakers   Animation. The Queen gives Goomo a brand new pair of trainers but he is so enthralled by their whiteness that he does nothing in them that could get them dirty.
09:00 New: Lazytown   Live action children's series. It is the last day of school and all of the kids are excited to finish the big final exam. But Robbie is too lazy to study and decides to cheat.
09:30 Dora and Friends:  Doggie Day!   Children's animation about a young Hispanic girl. Dora and friends help Cusco the singing dog find his lost puppy brothers and bring them to Doggie Adoption Day.
10:00 The Milkshake Show Songs   More children's entertainment with the Milkshake presenters.
10:05 Mr Men:  Hobbies   Colourful animated sketch show. Little Miss Daredevil monkeys around while performing a tightrope act.
10:15 SpongeBob SquarePants   Double bill of the cartoon series. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are sick in hospital; the public thinks Squidward is a famous classical musician.
10:50 The Borrowers   Comic adventure starring John Goodman and Jim Broadbent. A family of tiny people's existence is threatened by an evil lawyer who buys the house in which they live. (1997)
12:30 Columbo: Strange Bedfellows   Detective drama starring Peter Falk and George Wendt. The laconic sleuth is assigned to investigate a man who murders his brother and tries to frame someone else. (1995)
14:25 Holiday Love Rats Exposed   Final in the three-part documentary series. In this episode we meet 51 year old Anne Marie whose whirlwind romance with a much younger Gambian man led to debts up to 14,000. (S1 Ep 3)
15:25 Costa Del Casualty: Benidorm ER   Documentary series. 51-year-old Angela is rushed in by ambulance with severe chest pain, and 82-year-old Londoner Les comes in with double vision from a swollen eye. (S 4 Ep 9)
16:25 GPs: Behind Closed Doors   Last in the observational documentary series going behind the scenes at a GP practice. Nurse Johnson does her best to look after a mother and her children who were run over by a van. (S2 Ep 8)
17:25 The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door   Six million complaints are received about neighbours each year, this series uncovers their stories. This episode sees pensioners who became victims of a nine-year campaign of intimidation. (S1 Ep 3)
18:20 Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!   Documentary series. Steve and Paul have a hard time evicting people for rent arrears. When they try to repossess a taxi, they discover the writ has been made against the wrong man. (S1 Ep 3)
19:10 Police Interceptors   Crime documentary series. In this episode, Jim Woolerton's hot on the tail of a speeding motorcyclist and Jon Moon reveals his guilty pleasure when he retrieves a stolen caravan. (S8 Ep 5)
20:00 5 News Weekend   National and international news.
20:05 NCIS:  Out of the Frying Pan   US crime drama series. During an investigation into a drug-addicted teenager accused of patricide, Gibbs begins to question Vance's motives. (S8 Ep 18)
21:00 NCIS:  Tell-All   US crime drama series. A dying message from a naval officer leads the NCIS team to a manuscript that may hold a threat to national security. (S8 Ep 19)
21:55 New: CSI: Crime Scene...:  ...Investigation   Drama series about a team of forensic crime investigators based in Las Vegas. The team investigate the bizarre death of an ex-con who was killed not once, but twice. (S15 Ep 10)
22:55 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:  Snatched   Police drama series about an elite sex crime unit based in New York. The location of a kidnapped girl is locked inside the brain of an Alzheimer's patient. (S10 Ep 13)
23:50 True Crimes: The First 72 Hours:  Bitter Truth   Award-winning part-dramatised crime documentary series based on real cases from across Canada and the USA.
00:15 SuperCasino   Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel. For more information and to register visit
04:00 Costa Del Casualty: Benidorm ER   Documentary series. 51-year-old Angela is rushed in by ambulance with severe chest pain, and 82-year-old Londoner Les comes in with double vision from a swollen eye. (S 4 Ep 9)
04:50 Aidan: The Rarest Boy In The World   Aidan Smith was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder Cloves syndrome, leaving him with lumps all over his body. This brand new one-off documentary follows his parents journey to find a cure.
05:35 Chinese Food In Minutes   Chinese cookery show with chef Ching-He Huang.
05:50 Access   A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment.
07:00 Peppa Pig:  Not Very Well   Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa is ill and has red spots all over her face. Dr Brown Bear tells her she will be fine but she must stay in bed.
07:05 Bananas In Pyjamas:  Golfing Rat   The animated adventures of two yellow bananas. When Rat decides to play golf again, everyone in Cuddlestown keeps a lookout.
07:20 Angelina Ballerina:  Angelina and the Poster   Animation. Angelina and Marco can't agree when Ms Mimi asks them to design a poster that shows what the Camembert Academy means to them.
07:30 Milkshake Bop Box:  Safari   Song and dance fun. Kemi and Amy encounter an array of wildlife on safari in this song inspired by traditional African music.
07:35 Pip Ahoy!:  Balloonatics   Animation. Pip and Mrs Twitcher end up flying across the cove in Mr Morris's hot air balloon when Hopper accidentally loosens the anchor rope.
07:45 Mr Men:  Dining Out   Animated sketch show. Mr Fussy fights to keep down his food at Miss Magic's cafe. Elsewhere, Mr Grumpy has trouble ordering at Mr Tickle's restaurant.
08:00 Chloe's Closet:  Grouchy Pandas, Giggling Dragon   The adventures of a little girl who imagines herself in magical places while playing dressing-up. Chloe and her friends visit China and meet a pair of pandas.

Listings for Five on 28th March 2015

Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Today : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday : Monday

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