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Listings for Five on 30th August 2014

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06:00 Peppa Pig:  Ballet Lesson   Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa is excited about her first ballet lesson.
06:05 Roary The Racing Car:  Save Our Tree   Animation. Mr Carburettor plans to cut down Flash's tree. What can be done to save the little rabbit's home?
06:15 Angelina Ballerina:  Angelina's Indian Lunchtime   Animation. When Marco persuades his friends to perform the Hindu epic, Ramayana, they discover that Indian song and dance is both lively and infectious.
06:30 Bubble Guppies:  We Totally Rock!   Animated aquatic fun. The Bubble Guppies decide to form a rock band. But just as they are about to go on stage, Gil loses his cymbal. Will he manage to find it?
06:40 Mr Men:  Airport   Animated sketch show. Mr Stubborn tries to find the perfect parking space at the airport, while poor Mr Bump keeps on getting trampled by busy travellers.
06:50 Chloe's Closet:  Fashion Fantasy   Animation. Chloe, Tara and Lil' make dresses for a big fashion show, but is their needlework nifty enough to create matching hats in time?
07:05 Roobarb and Custard Too:  When Custard Wrote a Book   Animated adventures of the madcap canine inventor. Custard and Poodle Princess try to get Roobarb to relax on a nothing day.
07:10 Bananas In Pyjamas:  Morgan's New Friend   Animation. Morgan introduces his new friend Pippy who he says is invisible! Rat, however, suspects that Morgan is playing a trick, and decides to trick him back.
07:25 Make Way For Noddy:  Noddy and the Skittles   Children's animated series. Noddy wants to fly his kite, but is hindered by the pesky skittles.
07:40 Bert and Ernie:  Heroes   Bert and Ernie, posing as Super Pigeon and Rubber Ducky Man, must use their wings of steel and stretchy limbs to thwart the evil Mad Pancake, who has stolen their porridge.
07:45 City of Friends:  Painting the Town   While doing some painting, Tom accidentally sprays Jumpi with paint, who then gets it all over City Hall!
08:00 Little Princess:  I Want to Whistle   Julian Clary narrates an animation based on the much-loved children's picture books. Little Princess discovers that everyone in the kingdom can whistle except her.
08:10 The Adventures of Bottle Top...   ...Bill and His Best Friend Corky. The Fairy Queen: Creative animation. The Fairy Queen's crown goes missing! It is up to Bill and Corky to find the missing talisman before it is too late...
08:25 Wanda and The Alien:  Rainbow Painting   Brand new colourful children's series about a little girl rabbit who is best friends with an alien. Wanda and Alien go on an adventure to find the end of a rainbow.
08:40 Rupert Bear:  Rupert and the Clockwork Dragon   Ming's upset when her friends like a toy dragon more than her. But when the toy's lost, they find that a real dragon can do much more than a toy.
09:00 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom:  Gaston Goes to the Vet   Animation. Ben and his parents want to go on holiday in the elf truck but Gaston the Ladybird has swallowed the keys! How will they get them back?
09:15 Jelly Jamm:  The Perfect Toy   Animation. Bello and Goomo try to design the perfect toy. Searching around for ideas they find that what they are looking for is a lot closer than they thought.
09:30 Lazytown   The Purple Panther Part 1: Active fun. Stingy asks Sportacus if he will donate his crystal to the new LazyTown museum. But once Robbie finds out he plots to steal it!
10:00 Access   A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment.
10:10 Police Interceptors   Documentary profiling a high-speed police unit. The officers take drastic action when a pursuit from London ends up on their patch; and a car thief lands knee-deep in trouble.
11:10 Police Interceptors   Documentary profiling a high-speed police unit. The interceptors chase a truck driver across three counties, and a young joyrider is on a mission to have some fun.
12:10 Burning Hills   Western adventure starring Tab Hunter and Natalie Wood. A farmer sets out to avenge the murder of his brother at the hands of a despotic cattle baron. (1956)
14:00 Guns of The Magnificent Seven   Action-packed western starring George Kennedy and Monte Markham. A band of seven men are recruited to free a Mexican revolutionary leader from a heavily guarded fort. (1969)
16:05 Rio Bravo   Classic western starring John Wayne and Dean Martin. A border town is under the grip of an evil cattle-baron and his psychopathic brother. (1959)
19:00 Cricket On 5: Eng V Ind - ODI   Mark Nicholas presents highlights of the third Royal London One Day International match between England and India from Trent Bridge.
19:55 5 News Weekend   National and international news.
20:00 The NCIS Movie: Legend   US crime drama. The suspicious death of a petty officer leads the agents to an underground street-fighting organisation and a zealous neighbourhood-watch group.
21:25 Celebrity Big Brother   Catch up on the action, discussions, bonding and divisions with highlights of the latest events from inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.
22:30 Paddy Mcguiness: Saturday Night...:  ...Live   Recorded live at the MEN Arena in Manchester, cheeky chappy Paddy McGuiness delivers a laugh-out-loud funny stand-up show full of fast-paced humour and side-splitting anecdotes.
23:40 Michael McIntyre: Comedy Kings   Best Of Just For Laughs. Coverage from the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. Michael McIntyre, Zach Galifianakis and Jim Jeffries line-up to raise some laughs.
00:10 SuperCasino   Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel. For more information and to register visit
03:10 Celebrity Big Brother   Catch up on the action, discussions, bonding and divisions with highlights of the latest events from inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.
04:00 House Doctor   Series in which Ann Maurice provides home improvement advice for properties. In this edition, she is in County Durham, renovating the house of a widow.
04:25 Make It Big   Series following 12 children running a business. At the end of the second week in the Make It Big office, some of the team get their first verbal warnings.
04:50 Make It Big   Series following 12 children running a business. It's week three and romance blossoms for the boss - but for how long? And some of the team receive their second verbal warnings.
05:15 Angels of Jarm:  Pulling Together   Angelic animation. Faith is trying to pull out a big box, but it's too heavy for her. The children are too busy playing to help her. This is a job for angel Rafe!
05:20 Angels of Jarm   Jealous that Ephraim gets special food, the other children refuse to eat their lunches. Angel Ellie uses a song about burgers to show them that all their meals are special in some way.
05:30 Angels of Jarm:  I Can't Do It   Moralistic animation. When the other children laugh at his paintings, David loses confidence in his ability.
05:40 Roary The Racing Car:  Tunnel Vision   Animated adventures of the cheerful racing car. Maxi is not looking forward to the night race because he is scared of Ton-Up Tunnel on the race track.
05:50 Roary The Racing Car:  Molecom Makes Music   Animated adventures of the cheerful racing car. Molecom wishes he could be more musical like Big Chris.
06:00 Peppa Pig:  Thunderstorm   Animation about a lovable young pig. Peppa and George get caught in a thunderstorm.

Listings for Five on 30th August 2014

Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Today : Saturday : Sunday : Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday

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