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Listings for Five on 24th December 2014

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06:00 The WotWots:  Crabby WotWot   Animation. The spaceship has run out of bananas for SpottyWot's drink! The WotWots go hunting for what they think is a giant banana, but it turns out to be something different.
06:10 Igam Ogam:  Bath Time!   Prehistoric animation. Igam Ogam and her friends try to avoid having a bath.
06:20 Fireman Sam:  Floodlights   Animation. The Joneses and the Prices are vying to win Pontypandy's best Christmas lights contest. Rivalry is rife as their displays get more and more elaborate.
06:30 Toot The Tiny Tugboat:  Lenny's Light is Out   Animation. Lenny is out of action when his bulb blows, but thick fog lands Pop in trouble near the rocks when he tries to deliver a replacement.
06:45 Peppa Pig:  Baby Alexander   Pig tales. Baby Alexander is too young to talk, until Peppa teaches him his first word.
06:50 Peppa Pig:  Grampy Rabbit's Lighthouse   Pig tales. Grandpa Pig takes Peppa, George and Danny Dog to visit Grampy Rabbit's lighthouse.
06:55 New: Pip Ahoy!:  Go Stop Go Stop   Animation about a puppy named Pip and his friend Alba, a kitten, who live in Salty Cove. Alba enters a town competition for young film-makers.
07:05 Little Princess:  I Want My Sledge   Little Princess really wants a shiny new sledge to play with. But she soon realises that new doesn't always mean that it's better.
07:20 Mr Men:  Snow   There's a wintry flavour to the animated sketch show today, as Little Miss Calamity has to brave the snowy conditions, while Mr Stubborn refuses to turn up the heating.
07:30 New: Thomas and Friends:  Last Train for Christmas   CGI animation. When the Fat Controller decides to ride in a real sleigh at the Ulfstead Castle Christmas fair, Thomas ends up looking like a reindeer.
07:45 Noddy In Toyland:  Domino Town   Adventures in Toyland with Enid Blyton's evergreen creation and all his friends. The Little Skittles are very excited at the prospect of their first Domino Day.
07:55 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom   Ben and Holly's Christmas Part 1: Animation. Both the elves and the fairies are busy with their festive preparations when things start to go very wrong.
08:05 Peppa Pig:  Cleaning the Car   Pig tales. Daddy Pig is taking everyone for a drive in the country, but the car is very muddy and Mummy insists they wash it first.
08:10 Peppa Pig:  Cold Winters Day   Porcine animation. Peppa and George go to the park to play. All the puddles have frozen over, so the two must think of other ways to entertain themselves.
08:20 Toby's Travelling Circus:  Snow Baby   Animated Christmas special. When Dolores's sister leaves her baby at the circus to go shopping, little Diddums is only happy in the arms of the robot strongman Thor.
08:30 Bananas In Pyjamas:  The Snowman   Animation. It's Christmas and the Bananas want to make a snowman for Bernard, just like he used to have when he was a pup... if only they can find some snow!
08:40 Tickety Toc:  Igloo Time   Animation about two lively twins who live inside a cuckoo clock. Tommy and Tallulah are determined to build an igloo.
08:55 Milkshake Bop Box   Derek, Kemi and Jen take to the slopes and ice rink to show us Winter Sports are so fun!
09:00 Peppa Pig:  Hide and Seek   Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa and George are playing hide and seek, but Peppa complains that George is too easy to find.
09:05 Peppa Pig:  The Playgroup   Animated series about a little pig. George is joining Peppa at her playgroup but she doesn't really want him there - until her friends decide that George is brilliant.
09:15 Wanda and The Alien:  Pumpkins   Animated series about the adventures of a little girl rabbit and her best friend, who comes from another planet. Wanda and Alien plant some pumpkin seeds.
09:30 Gone With The Wind   Oscar-winning epic starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. The tale of a love affair between Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara during the course of the American Civil War. (1939)
13:50 Adventures of Robin Hood   Classic swashbuckler starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. Robin Hood and his merry men fight injustice in this Oscar-winning version of the Sherwood Forest folk legend. (1938)
15:50 Scrooge - A Christmas Carol   Festive fantasy starring Alastair Sim and Mervyn Johns. An adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic story of a miser who discovers the true meaning of Christmas. (1951)
17:35 New:Michael Buble's Christmas 2014   Delivering a mix of festive cheer and seasonal songs, this brand new music special sees Michael Buble joined by special guests Barbra Streisand, Ariana Grande, Miss Piggy and The Rockettes.
18:30 Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole   Documentary series. Single mum Marie struggles to fill Santa's sack for her eight children, and what can you expect to get for Christmas dinner when it all comes from a skip?
19:20 Britain's Craziest Xmas Lights   Documentary following four UK households as they transform their suburban semis into a glittering festival of Christmas lights.
20:20 5 News Update   National and international news.
20:25 New: Alan Davies:Xmas Dog Rescuers   Brand new documentary. Host Alan Davies throws a Christmas party for some of the rescued dogs of the last series, and tells more heartwarming stories of survival.
21:30 Greatest Ever Christmas Movies   A countdown of the greatest Christmas films of all time. From White Christmas to Bad Santa and It's A Wonderful Life, the stars of these festive classics share their memories.
00:30 Scrooge - A Christmas Carol   Classic festive fairytale starring Alastair Sim and Mervyn Johns. A miser discovers the true meaning of Christmas through his encounters with three seasonal ghosts. (1951)
02:20 SuperCasino   Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel. For more information and to register visit
04:00 House Doctor:  Ewhurst Green   Home-improvement series. Californian real-estate agent Ann Maurice tries to help the owner of a 200-year-old cottage in East Sussex to sell the property.
04:25 House Doctor   Home improvement series. Californian interior designer Ann Maurice and Alistair Appleton tackle a property in Crieff, Perthshire.
04:45 House Doctor   Home improvement series. Californian interior designer Ann Maurice and Alistair Appleton tackle a property in Yeovil, Somerset.
05:10 House Doctor   Home improvement series. Californian real-estate agent Ann Maurice and Alistair Appleton tackle a property in London.
05:35 Wildlife SOS   Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary.
06:00 The WotWots:  Footprints in the Sand   Animation. The WotWots find some mysterious footprints in the sand and decide to track down the mysterious footprint maker.

Listings for Five on 24th December 2014

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