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Listings for Five on 5th September 2015

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06:00 Peppa Pig:  Nature Trail   Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa and her family follow a nature trail in the countryside, discovering footprints left by little birds and ants. (S2 Ep 40)
06:05 Bananas In Pyjamas:  The Greedy Rat   Animation. Rat is in the park one morning when jellies start hitting him on the head! He is near the fountain - is this where the jellies are coming from? (S2 Ep 50)
06:15 Angelina Ballerina:  Angelina Cheerleader   Children's animation. Marco is picked to run in the Chipping Cheddar Mouse Marathon, and Angelina is so excited that she forms a cheerleading team for him! (S4 Ep 11)
06:30 Pip Ahoy!:  Shelvis's New Home   Animation. Shelvis the crab is a hoarder. When his possessions become too much for his shell home, Pip and Alba build him a new one! But is it what he wanted? (S1 Ep 13)
06:45 Tickety Toc:  Bake a Cake Time   Animation about twins living inside a cuckoo clock. Tommy and Tallulah bake a sticky carrot cake but make so much mixture that the oven explodes. (S1 Ep 1)
06:55 Chloe's Closet:  Banding Together   The animated adventures of a little girl who imagines herself in magical places while playing dressing-up. Chloe, Riley and Danny help a giant balloon to float. (S2 Ep 5)
07:05 Roobarb and Custard Too:  When There Was a Wind-Up   Animated adventures of the madcap canine inventor. Custard mocks Roobarb as he starts a new clockwork invention. (S2 Ep 6)
07:15 Make Way For Noddy:  Noddy and the Magic Bagpipes   Children's animated series. Noddy takes up playing the bagpipes, but soon gets bored and gives them up. (S1 Ep 3)
07:25 New: Paw Patrol   Animation. Adventure Bay Parade Day goes awry when Alex puts too many balloons on Katie's float. It literally floats away - with Cali and Chickaletta inside! (S1 Ep 51)
07:40 Little Princess:  I Want A Gymkhana   Regal larks. General has organised a gymkhana at the castle. Princess is sure that she and Horace are the perfect team. (S3 Ep 16)
08:00 Wanda and The Alien:  Shadows   Animation. Alien tries to hide from his shadow! Once Wanda explains that everyone has one and he should not be afraid of it he then sees the fun side to having a shadow. (S1 Ep 10)
08:15 New: Zack and Quack:  Pop Idols   The friends enter a music contest and need to rehearse, but they cannot hear themselves play until they find out what is making all that noise. (S1 Ep 18)
08:30 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom:  Plumbing   Animation. The bath tap at the Little Castle is dripping, so the elf plumber is called. But with King and Queen Marigold coming round, there is not much time to fix it. (S2 Ep 22)
08:45 Jelly Jamm:  Inner Space   Animated adventures on the musical planet of Jammbo. When Goomo and Bello claim the King's rocket-powered skateboard, they end up in a world of fun and danger. (S1 Ep 27)
09:05 Lazytown   Live action children's series. Robbie's biggest dream is to make LazyTown lazy again, so he orders villains to help him catch Sportacus once and for all. (S4 Ep 12)
09:30 Dora and Friends   Animation about a young Hispanic girl. Dora and her friends have to rescue an old ship in order to save the Pirate Festival, but pirates want its treasure. (S1 Ep 4)
10:00 SpongeBob SquarePants   Animation. Squidward becomes the star of his own public access TV show, then he tries to sabotage SpongeBob's big dance audition. (S7 Ep 1)
10:35 Beware! Cowboy Builders Abroad:  Spain   Gabrielle Blackman along with Dom meet British expats living in Spain who were caught short by a British cowboy builder. (S9 Ep 1)
11:30 Mclintock   Humorous western drama starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. A cattle rancher finds himself arguing with everyone, not least his headstrong wife who is seeking a divorce. (1963)
14:05 Shenandoah   Drama starring James Stewart and Doug McClure. A pacifist farmer is forced to fight in the Civil War when his son is killed by looters. (1965)
16:10 Psycho Pussies: When Cats Attack   One-off documentary using online clips and live case studies to explore some feline bad behaviour.
17:10 Elizabeth II: The Longest Reign   Documentary looking back at the incredible reign of Her Majesty. With unrivalled archive footage and interviews with close associates.
18:05 Nightmare Neighbour Next Door   Deadly Intent. Documentary series. When Mandy moved to the countryside, she found herself faced with rotting animal carcasses and a semi-naked neighbour armed with a shotgun. (S4 Ep 5)
19:00 Cricket On 5: Eng Vs Aus - ODI   Mark Nicholas presents highlights of the 2nd One Day International at Lord's, with commentary by Michael Vaughan, Geoffrey Boycott and Simon Hughes. (S3 Ep 46)
19:55 5 News Weekend   National and international news.
20:00 Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away   Documentary series. Brian and Graham have to weigh up the assets of a health spa that has fallen into debt, before they trace a tricky debtor determined to put them off the scent. (S2 Ep 9)
21:00 Football League Tonight   Kelly Cates and George Riley introduce highlights of all the day's games from Leagues One and Two, while the Championship is on an international break. (S1 Ep 5)
22:30 New: Celebrity Big Brother   Highlights of all the latest events inside the house as celebrities from the UK and USA take part in the ultimate CBB battle. (S9 Ep 10)
23:30 Tattoo Disasters: UK   Documentary series. Brad wants to cover up a host of DIY tats he made in jail and bride-to-be Jessica became a human doodle pad after she gave her fiancĂ© a tattoo kit. (S1 Ep 3)
00:00 SuperCasino   Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel. For more information and to register visit
03:10 Celebrity Big Brother   Highlights of all the latest events inside the house as celebrities from the UK and USA take part in the ultimate CBB battle. (S9 Ep 10)
04:00 Transporter: The Series   Action drama series. Frank is caught between warring siblings when his latest package turns out to be a bomb that one of them is determined to set off. (S1 Ep 9)
04:45 Access   A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment.
04:50 Make It Big   Series following 12 children running a business. At the end of the second week in the Make It Big office, some of the team get their first verbal warnings. (S1 Ep 4)
05:15 Make It Big   Series following 12 children running a business. It's week three and romance blossoms for the boss - but for how long? And some of the team receive their second verbal warnings. (S1 Ep 5)
05:45 Angels of Jarm   Moralistic animation. Teachers Theo and Faith warn the children not to run off on their own, but Penny doesn't listen and gets lost. (S1 Ep 28)
05:50 Angels of Jarm:  Jess In A Mess   Animation. Jess thinks that she is the best-dressed girl in all Jarm and makes fun of the way that her friends look, so Angel Ellie teaches her an important lesson. (S1 Ep 29)
06:00 Peppa Pig:  Pen Pal   Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa has a new pen pal, a little donkey from France, named Delphine. (S2 Ep 41)

Listings for Five on 5th September 2015

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